IRNSS/GPS Reference Antenna


Phase Centre Accuracy± 1 in both azimuth and elevation forall three supported bands
Antenna Gain at Zenith≥ 5 ± 1 dBic
Antenna Gain at EOC- 75° from zenith≥ -2 ± dBic .5 dBic in all 750 from zenith azimuth phi-cuts taken every 15°
Propagation delay between L5 & S≤ 3 ns
Front to back ratio≥ 18 dB
Axial Ratio< 3 dB in coverage from zenith
LNA Gain< 3 dB in coverage from zenith
Noise Figure≤ 2 dB
Group Delay Ripple≤ 5 ns within pass-band
In band Ripple< ± 2 dB within pass-band
Output VSWR≤ 2.0 within pass-band
Multipath mitigationAntenna backed by a cavity with high impedance surface
Input Voltage5V
Current< 100 mA
Out of band Rejection>40 dB
Impedance50 ohm
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Key Features

  • Dimensions : Dia 35 cm x Height 13.5 cm
  • Connector : TNC (F)
  • Operating Temperature : -20⁰ to 70⁰ C
  • Mounting : 5/8” – Female
  • Humidity : 100% humidity proof
  • IRNSS Tri-band (L1/L2/L5/S)application
  • Simultaneous multi-band Coverage
  • High Gain and Good axial ratio
  • Good multipath rejection using a cavity with a high impedance surface layer


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