Freyja GNSS Receiver

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Key Features

  • Handiness and Convenience
    Refinement of design makes it rugged and compact with only 669g. A more durable battery ensures operating time reaches more than 24 hours. Durability and portability are optimized for surveyors who carry them around a lot in the fieldwork
  • Accuracy and Precision
    Matured RTK technology promises positioning reliability. New GNSS Antenna, full-constellation and all satellite signal tracking technology lay the solid foundation-precision of fieldwork.
  • Adaptability and Stability
    Equipped with the latest tilt compensation algorithm and built-in high-performance 9-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), the measurement for hard-to-reach points is simple but precise with the high-performance tilt survey. Quality results are guaranteed even if you lose the signal while under extreme circumstances with great anti-interference ability


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