AsteRx-m3 Pro+

Best-in-class dual-antenna multi-frequency GNSS receiver

AsteRx-m3 Pro+ is Septentrio’s best-in-class versatile OEM board. It is a multi-frequency multi-constellation GNSS receiver featuring top positioning performance with flexibility to be used either as a base station or a rover receiver. In dual antenna mode it provides heading & pitch or heading & roll information on top of reliable and accurate positioning.

Top performance in challenging environments

The AsteRx-m3 Pro+ is designed to deliver reliable and robust positions even in challenging environments The GNSS+ toolset is the technology that allows AsteRx-m3 Pro+ to be reliable also in challenging environments where the GNSS signal is disturbed, or the receiver is subject to shocks and vibrations:

  • LOCK+ for robust tracking during high vibrations and shocks
  • APME+ to disentangle direct signals and those reflected from nearby structures
  • IONO+ provides advanced protection against ionospheric disturbance
  • AIM+ most advanced on-board anti-jamming and anti-spoofing technology in the market.
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